Technologist, Roustabout, Humanitarian

Mike Bowen

I design and build systems to help people share ideas, products, stories, and more. I love solving problems with teams and I use my abilities in web development, education, and user experience to provide support.

Web Development

I build custom sites for modern needs. Everything I deliver is responsive, accessible, user friendly, and easy to manage.

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  • Creative

    Custom WordPress Themes

    Whether you need a custom, feature-full site to represent your brand or a bootstrapped website to test a business idea, I deliver solutions that are beautiful, extensible, and manageable.

  • Technical

    Time-Saving Automation

    Do you have a weekly, technical ritual that makes you want to pull your hair out? Chances are it can be automated. I write programs to save you time, money, and sanity.

  • Empathetic

    User Experience Design

    Users stay on sites that are fast, easy to use, and that meet their needs. I reference industry leaders in usability when designing components and offer user research to ensure that we’re doing it right.

  • Inclusive

    Accessibility Engineering

    Anyone should be able to use your site, no matter their ability. Soon, it may be a legal requirement. I make websites that are useable by screen readers and other assistive technologies so that more people can participate with your website.

  • Forward-Thinking

    Technical Training

    It can be frustrating to rely on a developer for every little change. I provide documentation to empower website managers, future developers, or anyone else who may need to work on the site.

  • Helpful


    I can temporarily join your team to fill knowledge gaps in web technologies, accessibility, user experience, and documentation systems.

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    Years Experience

  • 30+

    Online Projects

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About Me

I earned my degree in Recreation. It’s not a fair thing to call four years of someone’s life, but I take pride in it. I learned a lot about people and how to use environmentally-focused recreation as a tool for personal growth.

Throughout the following decade I lived out of a truck, coordinated environmental education trips, and guided expeditions. Some seasons I’d do odd jobs such as working on a ship, cooking, or performing as an arborist. Mostly, I tried to work as little as possible so that I could climb.

One day I woke up and I was working as a web developer looking many years older, I might add.

Just as adventurers of all eras have helped spread ideas and culture, I do my best to share my discoveries and build bridges between communities. I add diversity to teams. I embrace the unexpected. My craft is building for the web.

A herd of buffalo walking through the snow in Yellowstone National Park
Mike chilling in his home office
Mike climbing 200 feet off the ground at Zion National Park
Mike's pollinator garden

Let’s Connect

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